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 Transferring Quality Knowledge among the world to get to the dream of Quality Normalization world at which people will do the right thing because its their default this day is our aim, our vision the end of our mission.

Who We Are?


Six Sigma School is a key player in Quality consulting and advisory services field bridging gaps between the local and international Quality approaches to help our clients to thrive in increasingly competitive markets where comp .....

Our Mission


Integrating our Knowledge and experiences and in one pattern to put our clients on the way that lead to business excellencein th .....

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What is and Why Six Sigma

For too many organizations the hidden costs of defects and waste in the way they operate are huge. When you consider how many errors may be lurking in company-wide processes, the monetary impact on overall productivity, customer satisfaction, and profits multiplies dramatically.


Why Companies Are Embracing Six Sigma

What drives companies to implement Six Sigma? Contrary to what  some believe, the goal of Six Sigma is not to achieve six sigma levels of quality. Six Sigma is about improving profitability, although improved quality and efficiency are immediate by-products of Six Sigma.


What Six Sigma Can Do for Your Company

While Six Sigma is a long-term, forward-thinking initiative designed to fundamentally change the way corporations do business, it is first and foremost designed to generate immediate improvements to profit margins.


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Being the leader in business consulting solution for Six Sigma in Egypt, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Regions to be able to promote our Services widely either in Egypt or any of the (EMEA) Regions.  

Instead of projecting

Instead of projecting three or more years into the future, Six Sigma focuses on achieving financial targets in twelve-month increments.



Organizations that can't track the effect of quality improvements on profitability don't know what changes need to be made to improve their profit margins.


Quality Normalization world

at which people will do the right thing because its their default this day is our aim, our vision the end of our mission, Being the leader in business.

We help all size companies

sort through the issues and concerns about developing and deploying a Lean Six Sigma program in their respective organizations. Too often, the efforts in many Lean Six Sigma deployments focus almost exclusively on training. Our experiences have taught us that training is the "means" to the Lean Six Sigma "ends." By taking the time and working on the management, cultural and other aspects of a Lean Six Sigma deployment, organizations can improve the program's acceptance, pervasiveness and overall sustainability.

Lean Six Sigma

uses the value-add proposition to establish the strategic alignment of the voice of the process with the voice of the customer. Today's customer expects high quality and low costs. To meet these expectations and increase sales and profitability, your organization must eliminate as many non-valued-added steps and defects as possible from your processes.